House Update!

We don't often go out and buy furniture. Usually we're just to busy trying to get rid of stuff, to be thinking about getting anything new. Not to mention, we have the hardest time agreeing on something. And, upholstered anything, just doesn't last around here.
Anyways, for some reason over the last couple years we've collected several rocking chairs. One has been around since before I can remember, + 3 more that were picked up in the last few years. Weird. Not sure what that all means. :P

We've all gotten pretty proficient at climbing ladders. Even Jubi (2) has gotten a good handle on it (with someone right behind her of course). I'm really glad we're redoing the stairs, I think our new plan will be much more efficient on space.

We really have too many jackets (or at least some members of the family do). We had this long set of pegs not being used, and coats lying all over the place. After I put it on the wall, Susi noticed there happened to be just enough for each to have there own peg. Lol!

Our sign, for when the batteries get drained too low.