Blue Sky!

The clouds are breaking up!

A very good sight, when the sun is the only source of power! :)


Sunny Day - Continued Remodeling

We've finished redoing part of the waste-waterline.   It had been in a rather mind boggling mess, just ask'n for trouble.

Playing with Fire


Photo Shoot, Day 5: Blu and Rebecca

I keep telling that boy "You need a haircut!" It seems like we go through this every winter!

A bit of clouds rolled in just after we got situated, and ruined the lighting.
I may have to redo them.

Oh, and it was so windy, my light-reflector-thing kept blowing up into my face.

(all pre editing)

A Little Get-Together

Before our friends arrived, the girls wanted to decorate themselves.

I picked up this set of face-paint-crayon things a while ago (after halloween sale).

A little homage to J.P. (Jubilee Pearl)

Ellie loves monkeys.

Blu was the only person Jubi could get to sit for her.

Libby decided she needed a little more color.

I asked Jubi to show me her "tattoos".

Ellie found it to be a lucrative business.

I want to mention that we don't usually let the children color on themselves.
Yeah, just wanted you to know that. ;)

The trees are bare. A few good frosts took care of that.

Hot dogs, potato salad...

...and Joels dutch-oven cooked chilli were on the menu. Mmm-mm!

This is our 90+ year old neighbor, Glen. Miss Jubi was sitting in his lap, and she kept saying "back......back......back". She wanted him to scratch her back. LOL!

Lisa, Joel's wife, brought several pans of delicious, chocolatey concoctions.

Jubi likes to share.

We also had marshmallows. Libby likes 'em raw, and a little manhandled.

edit: I read to her what I had written above, and she informed me that she also likes them cooked.
And that she kinda got a tummy ache. "Ow, ow, ow!" She said.