Plants and stuff

Some pretty pictures I took. 
Chick and hens
More pictures of Chick and hens
A red rose
So pretty
Im not sure what these are named



Yay the lilacs are blooming!


Queen of what?!

Sooo.... I have rather adorable little sisters... Lib, the 9 year older is behind the camera, a budding film artist, discusses what type of queen her little sister, Tori, 3 years, wants to be... with Jubi, 5 years, chiming in the background, "Her a normal queen!"... Oh goodness, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now with their adorableness...


Candlelight Tour - Fort Scott - 2013

The worst thing about CLT is having to wait a whole year before the next one.... It's bittersweet wrapping everything up the last few tours Saturday evening. 

Since I (Susan) was up in the Grand Hall this year instead of a scene like Rebecca, Abigail, Kaja (scene #1) and Ellie (scene #4) I had some free time to go on the Press Tour!!!! that was fun, and I loved seeing all the scenes this year.

This first scene is the one Rebecca, Abi, and Kaja are in - Rebecca had a large amount of the speaking parts and Abi picked up one of the girls, who wasn't able to go the second day.

I had only heard them while practicing, but there were lots of good reports from others who went on the actual tour.

I spent the day snapping random pictures, just to make sure the ones I took on the tour weren't horrible..... haha, I realized - I'm clueless when it comes to operating cameras... I found the automatic settings worked out the best. 

I love the Press!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They may just be half the reason why I love living history - No I'm not vain... ;) and you have to admit, it is thrilling to have your picture in the news, magazines and newspapers.... 

Scene two - Our friends Brett from the Border Creek Raiders and Galen one of the Park Rangers were in this scene - Being out in the Stables I don't think they had much opportunity to warm up. Both nights were cold! 

Scene Three - We have some friends in this scene too! actually all the scenes have friends in them??  I think this is my ninth CLT and every one of them is such a memorable experience!! through the years we've gotten to know so many fun, knowledgable and helpful folk!

Carl A. is adding a little improv-drama to their practice run - There are so many talented reenactor/ess coming out to CLT!! they really make each scene extra special. I like the dinner scenes, because they have food!! - if I ever write any scenes, food will be my signature... food and women's history.... I can't help it.

Scene four! you can't mention this scene without adding exclamation points!! seriously! it was pretty intense.  Ellie was playing one of the daughters whose family was being ordered out of their missouri home. 

So what it's all about? General Order number 11 - To rid SW Missouri of Bushwhacker - Union Soldiers from the Fort Scott area were ordered to force families out of their homes of nearly four missouri counties! Jackson, Cass, Bates and Vernon. That way Bushwhackers wouldn't be able to find assistance from the people living in that area. 

You can see the Grandmother is threatening them with her pitchfork. 

I think Ellie (13) had a lot of fun participating and enjoyed the independence of being separate from her big sisters..... but she's such a little baby still... 

Scene five - Last Thursday Abi and I set up this scene, some of the Ranger had brought over fire place, but the mantle fell off while we were working, so a little duct tape was enough to prevent disaster during the CLTs! :) I find setting the scenes to be the coziest project... Very much like playing house!! 

This was the last scene - What I find to be plain old crazy is the people taking tour really get absorbed into the moment, it's not modern people acting these parts about Civil War history, it feels real, as though you're peeking into the lives of soldiers, women working to aid wounded soldiers, and raise funds for the war effort, or families losing their homes.... No one really notices the cardboard fireplace, tablecloth curtains, cinderblock walls or lathe showing through the plaster on the walls..... and that is such a neat experience, and so fun to be a part of! 

So you probably have guessed by now, that I'm already looking forward to Candlelight Tour 2014! and if you're nearby!! Join us in the festivities - by either going on one of the tours, or joining up and volunteering for the weekend! I think you'll find it worthwhile!!


2013 Civil War Encampment at Fort Scott!

Gettin' dressed out.

We got to take turns watching this sweet little guy.

Vi and Regen making toys out of nature... same as little girls in the 1800s could have. ;)

Checkin' out what they have at the Sutler.

...I can't seem to remember what this face was for.

Not a correct victorian meal! But yummy nevertheless...

Chatting with the ladies of the Ladies' Union Aid Society

And a tableau, inspired by historical events of 1863, to finish the day (written and composed by Susan and Abi, performed with the help of fellow re-enactors!).

Mine Creek Battlefield

Somewhere out there is apparently where it happend nearly 149 years ago.

"On October 25, 1864, on the banks of Mine Creek, two Union brigades of approximately 2,500 troops defeated approximately 7,000 Confederates from General Sterling Price's Army of Missouri. ...one of the largest cavalry battles of the Civil War and a major battle fought in Kansas." ...from the Mine Creek Civil War Battlefield website.

Mom was asked to come with some Kansas Native Plant Society (KNPS) info to share.

An extra windy kansas day!

Jubi photo-bombed my landscape!

Where these children find the energy to jog everywhere... I do not know.

Learned how to make and got to try some hardtack, also got to taste a little salt pork (both part of a Civil War soldier's diet). Lib took a tiny taste of the the salt port and announced "I don't like salt, and I don't like pork!" and handed her piece back to Mom. The hardtack turned out to be a little more popular.

Told Tori she was getting too far...

... not the response I was looking for.