Little road trip with Grandpa & Grandma!

Judy Garland Museum!

Maddi, Maddi, Maddi.... :P

Miss Ellie's self-portrait. :)


Border Creek Raiders - Bushwhacker Days 2012

We were invited to join the Border Creek Raiders for Bushwhacker Days in Nevada Missouri.

Abi is reading her part in the skit "Perkins Goes to Town"

Waking up at 5:30 AM-No fun... Playing dress up all day-Priceless.

Blu had to stay behind bars for lack of better clothing... ;P

Rebecca said several children from the audience pointed Blu out.
"Hey there's a guy in the jail" 
It was also the most popular spot to take pictures at.
After the shows there'd be a line of kiddos wanting a pictures of themselves in jail. 

This first skit was about a bank robbery. In the bank Kaja and I had to scream, while Abi staying where she was called for the Sheriff, later when the robbers took Kaja and I hostage we stomped on (near) their feet and ran away.   

Lots of shooting going on...

The blanks were so loud! ear plugs would really come in handy.

Abi playing Miss Amanda with her Pa.
"Amanda you're getting old it's about time you got married"

After giving her reasons why everyone in town was unsuitable Amanda announced
"Pa when I was out east earlier this year, I met someone!"
her Pa did not look happy about that news.

Mr. Perkins dusting dirt off his trousers.

"Oh Perky!" cried Amanda

Pa was not impressed with this Dandy

Neither were any of the men in town, but they were kind enough to invite him over for "Tea" (aka whiskey.)

Storming out of the saloon Mr Perkins somehow entangles himself in a duel.

Mr Perkins claims he's not a fighting man, but the townsmen insist.

it turns out though that he is an excellent shot.
and they all lived happily ever after.


There was a lot going on in the Nevada square. 
Here We've changed for our lunch break. 
I had too much coffee and too much sunshine.

 The Grand Finale.


Good Ol' Days at the Fort

Getting ready is pretty much the hardest part of the day.

It takes over an hour just to get us all dressed and hair done. 

A picture of the photographer pre-hairstyling.

Kaja and Ellie at our booth. 
Hide and Shield Painting, and Ribbon Art 

We also had some SCA interns working with us. That's Heidi in the corner.

Pretty Hair.

The theme at Fort Scott was about the Native Americans, an integral part of the Forts history.

Dock Dogs.
 I almost wished I was a dog. Jumping in that giant pool looked so refreshing. 
(I bet, I wasn't the only one).

Good Ol' Days went really well this year, a lot of people showed up.


i didn't get to see this, since I was watching the art booth.

So Kaja took these pictures.

And rock climbing!
Lucky Ellie had Daddy with her, she couldn't have convinced me to let her try it.

Yep, Miss Ellie was pleased as punch.

And she did awesome.

Don't Rain on My Parade

Good Ol' Days annual parade. 
Rebecca, Abi, Kaja, Ellie. Violet, Libby, Jubi, and I went out to see it.

We old people sat on a bench behind the girls, didn't think of taking a picture of us... 

Cutie Pies

Libby told me "Get out of the road!" 
Stinker! :P

John Deere Tractors

There was lots of candy, and a big semi truck full of pop! 

I was holding Jubi's candy and pop in my purse and her bottle leaked.
Good: My Purse smells like grape pop
Bad: Sticky! Gaah! :*(

This was my favorite float.

The End.