Fort Scot: Candle Light Tour - 2010

As usual, during the main event I am running around like crazy, and don't have time to snap pictures. But I was able to get these on the second day, before the dance.

This is all Jubi did for the first couple hours. She ran up and down that room. Wore herself right out. By the time the dance had started, she just sat in my lap and watched. lol! It worked pretty good. :)

Ellie's and Maddi's job on the tour was to see if any of the child visitors were interested in decorating the tree.

The Hat Dance. Or at least that's what we call it.
All the ladies stand in one line, and the gentleman in another. After a lady sits in the middle and two gentleman sit on either side of her, they're each supposed to try and persuade her to dance with himself. Once the lady decided who she prefers, she hands the hat to the gentleman she decides not to dance with. Then after the couple sashay down the center and join their respective lines, two lady's sit on either side of the gentleman that was left behind. And he gets a turn to pick. So on and so forth.
I actually didn't dress out for the dance this year. After helping everyone get dressed and do hair, I was pooped! And happy to sit with little Jubi in my lap and watch.

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