The other day...

Jubi dresses herself. Often she's up and ready for the day before I'm out of bed!

Computers, computers! What did people do before they had internet? Jubi calls them "puter". :D

This is the face Violet gave me when I told her she had to finish her worksheets.

Then this came next. Poor girl.


End of a beautiful day...

The weather has been glorious!

And all the snow is gone. :)

Now, if things would just start turning green.


Finish worksheets, then treat.

This photo is not in anyway relevant to this post. The cat was just snoozing, looking pretty.

She said "First I'll color these in". :) Cutie-pie!

Miss Jubi's really been getting into books. She used to have a hard time sitting through a whole one, but now regularly brings me two, three books for me to read.
A few minutes after taking these photos, Jubi slipped this rubberband out of her hair, and stretching it between two fingers, she flung it at me. The little rug-rat. Pretty good aim though.

Maiden Voyage

We have a new van.
Took these photos a couple weeks ago.

New to us. Same type of van, just different color. And no huge dent in the side! And a fourth of the miles.

(Susan has rag-curls in her hair, prep for an event at the fort)

We took a little trip into town.

Went to the park.

Professor Plum is what we've been calling it.

Show off.

Dirty buns! So muddy that day. Lol!

I would wear flip-flops all year if my toes wouldn't get frostbite.

There is a post office, park...... and a pop machine in Redfield.