At the Laundromat

Took the little ones with us to the laundromat today. Went pretty good.

They all helped unload dryers, and fold laundry, a little. :)

I forgot the power cord for my computer, so instead entertained myself by taking photos with my new little camera.
This is only the third camera I've ever had. The first I got when I was only 7 or so years old, broke the battery door, and it never worked again. Was pretty traumatic for me, I remember crying about it even years later (around 10 yrs. old). My second I bought over 5 years ago and it went bad this last summer. So! Time for a new one.

Lib doesn't give me nice, sweet smiles.

I think those are supposed to be eyebrows. ??? Can't be certain.

Jubi likes my new camera, and it's little pouch.

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