Berkey Water-Thanks for filling Maddi Jo!

Lunch Time

With helpers


Sometimes we feel like "Hang healthy foods! lets have ramen noodles"

Even Libby likes them.

and Abi

It's getting hot down here, so our choice of apparel is...

less is more.

Now, look at that pile of Watermelon on Jubi's plate.



Sweetie Pie

Little Angel


Susi's going to pay!

All Better ♥ ♥ ♥

*Disclaimer* Do Not Try This At Home

Mom and Abi Participated in Laundress Training lead by Michelle Martin of Discovering History

While Kaja and I watched these little mons...*cough* Darlings ;P

I tell myself, nearly every time, next time I'm going by myself!!

*Me at the next event*
 "You don't want to come Jubi?! It'll be fun!! You have too... I'll buy some candy" lol, and that's seriously how it goes...