Been Gutting

Next up, repairing joists, removing and replacing damaged sub flooring, then I think we can start moving forward again!

What's been up...

Cloud action

Abi, she has kinda designated this space by the window as hers, where she relaxes when it's just too hot to be working on the house.

Maddi, looking over the railing that goes around the stairway.

Experimenting with making little wood stoves with the bricks left over from the demo of the chimney.

Kaja's photo shoot, of the girls wearing the crowns she made out of baling wire.

Girls and Dogs;
Ellie and Jezi

Abi and Cesar

Kaja and Quincy

Some local flora.

Our little camp kitchen, nice when it's not raining :) Screen, essential for keeping out the flys! Animals = flys! Ugg!

Miss Ellie fixed this necklace Blu had found buried or something.

And this is the lion belt she picked up for herself.

A friend gave us a little bouncing pony thing. Jube enjoys it immensely.

Our Berkey water filter.

The beginnings of our garden, this is about one fifth the size of our goal. Got lots more hay to spread. After that, we'll put down some plastic to kill the grass, and I guess it'll be all ready for planting next spring.