Little Girls Space

Lib's wall of art

None of these drawings are hers, but Jubi still wanted to be photographed in front of them.

After indicating to Lib I was finished, Jubi called me back, she also wanted some taken of just herself.

This was the desk Abi used before she's high-tailed it up north (jk, she went to help our expectant cousin).
Now it is being put to many good uses by the girls, vanity, writing table, crafting area, etc.

I thought we were going to put these away soon. Good thing I didn't though....so far it's only up to 38 degrees today. :P

There's a little used book store in downtown Fort Scott, we find all kinds of interesting reading material there.

More kids & more green stuff! :)

Two more baby goats! Whew! That makes a total of 7 new additions! I think that's it for now.

With all those little guys running around in the barn, the billy's been banished outside.
I have a hard time feeling sorry for him, he's so ugly and stinky! O.o

I think these are peonies.


Yucca is here!


New Kids ♥

A couple of the newest additions.

Whew! Life on the outside is tiring.

Sometimes a nap is called for.

P.S. Those are not scratches on her legs, but faded red marker. I'm not sure if this is common to all children, but every single one in our family (that I can remember) has colored on their bodies. Why?...I couldn't say.


Spring is springing up all over....

(Goat photos by Kaja & Flora Photos by Mom)


There is a stairway in the house again!

Bare-bones, but it is walkable.

Though, you still have to crouch under the second floor. Haha!

Yes, we had to clean snow off the panels this morning.

Wasn't expecting that!

This morning, after sitting up in bed, I looked out the window, and was like "Whaa...?". :P


Little balls of ice have been falling from the sky.

Store vs. Fresh

Our chickens have started to lay. Quite the difference in color compared with store bought eggs.

Yellow - From the store.
Orange - Fresh from the chickens, who eat whatever they can find while they roam free around the yard.


New hair cut for Jubi!

She'd been getting into the habit of putting her hair into her mouth.

And if she wasn't doing that, it was hanging in her eyes. She often would tilt her head to the side to see. That can't be good for her neck!

So off came a good four inches.

God made dirt, dirt don't hurt.

Man, it's hard to get that girl to sit still!!! Not happening. :)

Pink Sky

I'm loving the weather.