Apples, Solar Panels, Praying Mantis, etc.

We have slowly been working through the bushels of apples we picked at a friends place.

Eating a lot of them.

Jube doesn't understand yet, that when one starts eating an apple, one is also expected to finish it. Sometimes she'll pick one out, take a bite, and then toss it right back into the basket.

Solar panel maintenance.

Soaking up the sun.

Mom and Susi have been experimenting with our dutch oven.

Goats must not like marigolds.

Apples, ready to be boiled, and then squashed and strained for apple sauce. I am told, they make better sauce if the peels, seeds, etc. are left on.

It's been chillier in the morning, enough so that the girls have started to wear shoes again. A sure sign that fall is here!

These guys that show up every so often. We've lived in the area for 10+ years and I've never seen so many in this time span,  since moving here.

Jubi isn't so little anymore.


To say it's love, would be too simple.

In the morning.

Rose of Sharon bushes make good climbing.

It's been blooming steadily for a couple months now.

Abi says they close up at night.

Miss Jube had her breakfast. Based on the substance covering her cheeks, I would say, it was something with jelly on it.

Headquarters! (That's Joel, center, in blue, our handyman)

Sun rise, over barn, east side of house.

Mmmmm, coffee. Joel showed us how to brew it, cowboy style. (he has first hand experience!)

A bit of rain.