Yucca's been getting some exercise!

So has Kaja. Hehe! They walked up and down the road for an hour and a half, giving each girl a ride.

Waiting their turn.

A couple of sweeties!

They sure know how to make their big sister feel loved.

After each having had their turn on Yucca, I tried to move the girls back into the yard and away from the road. Jube decided she wasn't quite ready for that.

Possibly Rebi wont feel like picking me entirely up, and maybe just leave me here to do what I want.

Kaja, taking a little trot down the road on Yucca the horse.
(Yes, that was a toot from Yucca, just as she was turning down the road. Yes, it smelled awful. Earlier, I kept thinking I smelled dog doo-doo, and was checking all the girls' shoes and pants, but to no avail. For some reason, I only noticed it while Yucca was near. ??? I alerted Ellie to my concern, and she explained to me what the actual source was.)

El and Vi relay their horseback riding experience today.

Springs in full swing around here...

All photos taken by Mommy :)


Early Spring Flora

Photos all taken by Mommy.

Jubi-licious! - 3

Jubi wants another lollypop, and Maddi insults my painting that I U-N-intentionally painted an ugly face into.

Pretty Yucca