This Morning

Jubi's morning look.

(Peanut butter, from the pancake she had for breakfast. Incase you're wondering)

Must snap more photos of Lib!

Gahh! Lol!
This was one of those surprise photos, when I reviewed it in my camera, no idea that this expression had been captured. I actually didn't even see it originally, being focused on the back of the camera.

Vi wasn't happy with me, I didn't help her with getting some batteries for my old camera. *Bad big sister behavior*

Miss Abi's new shoes. She picked them up at wal-mart. Like 5 bucks or somethings.

The girls have been raving about Lord of the Rings lately (books and movies).

Particularly Maddi, pretty much everyday she comes and tests my own (rather rusty) knowledge, with whatever she's been most recently reading.

Blu has been doing some things for a couple of our neighbor farmers (his hours).

Susi's go to shoes. I just liked how they looked on that log.

Jubi has been wearing this band off and on for the last week. Not sure what she's thinking. ??? Abi sometimes wears them, but not like that. Lol! Cute though.

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  1. Jubi looks like Grandma Jenny and Rebi! Those girls are so cute!