Fort Scott: Kansas's 150th Anniversary

For myself, I hadn't ever planned on dressing-out for this event. I expected that, like the rest of the girls, Jubi would.
But 15 (or so) minutes after getting her entirely changed, she expressed the desire to redress in her street clothes (I prefer to say "no" to her as little as possible). So she did. And stayed that way for the rest of the day.

Beautiful day! I think it might've gotten up to 70 degrees, c-r-a-z-y for Jan.

"Patriot Flag from Sept. 11" "The 30-by-58-foot Patriot Flag, which weighs 60 pounds, will be displayed at the Fort Scott National Historic Site on Jan. 29-30, during the fort's 150th anniversary celebration." - from The Wichita Eagle Newspaper

Very busy day!

Breaking for lunch.

Around 2:00, Jubi crashed for an hour nap. (She'd soiled her pants, and her extra pair were up at the dressing rooms. She zonked out before I could retrieve them)(Incase you were wondering why she's pantless).

What I imagine it could've looked like approaching the fort back in the mid 19th century.


  1. Hey!

    Wow, it looks like everything was neat and fun! Little Jubi is so sweet!! :)

    Thanks for posting pictures!

    In Christ's Service,

  2. Awww! Thanks, she is a sweetie! ♥♥♥