Photo Shoot, Day 2: Vi and Lib (and some of Jubi too!)


We also had an impromptu shoot for Miss Jubi, as soon as Vi stood up, she was there, ready for her turn.

There is an explanation for why she is only wearing a oversized sweater.

Basically she also wanted to change, when her sisters were getting ready for this shoot. Even though I didn't have anything for her to change into, I let her undress. But then when we were heading out, she wanted to come with too. Well, I couldn't let her go out in just a diaper. Even though it was unusually warm out, and she didn't want to put her old clothes back on. So, I grabbed the closest item, Vi's sweater, and threw that on. It works. :) She doesn't normally run around like this. Haha (fake laugh) ;)

A car drove by, we couldn't see it from where we sat in the tall grass, but she waved anyway.


Susi and Abi helped, behind the camera.

Waiting for Lib to come.

Lib was telling me when to take the pictures.
That is actually what I would probably do too. LOL!


P.S. These are also all pre photo editing, just FIY.

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