Photo Shoot, Day 1: Mad and El

I'm trying to get my siblings portrait photographs taken. This will be the second year I've done it myself. I really couldn't believe the trouble I had last time, so I've decided the slow and steady route is how I'll approach it this year, a couple people each evening.

Mad and El first.

Waiting for those girls.

Vi followed me, wanting to know what was up. (Yes, she is wearing her sweatshirt inside-out and backwards)

Sun is setting, those girls better get out here soon or our nice diffused light will be gone!

How these girls get their faces so dirty, I do not know.

Fake smile!

I'm thinking I'll have to retake Mad's. If she's not making a wild/rather insane looking face, she's talking away.

El did a little better, she goes with a more serene smile.

Not so serene now.

Mad is over my shoulder jibber-jabbering away about something.

P.S. These are all pre photo editing.

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