Good Ol' Days at the Fort

Getting ready is pretty much the hardest part of the day.

It takes over an hour just to get us all dressed and hair done. 

A picture of the photographer pre-hairstyling.

Kaja and Ellie at our booth. 
Hide and Shield Painting, and Ribbon Art 

We also had some SCA interns working with us. That's Heidi in the corner.

Pretty Hair.

The theme at Fort Scott was about the Native Americans, an integral part of the Forts history.

Dock Dogs.
 I almost wished I was a dog. Jumping in that giant pool looked so refreshing. 
(I bet, I wasn't the only one).

Good Ol' Days went really well this year, a lot of people showed up.


i didn't get to see this, since I was watching the art booth.

So Kaja took these pictures.

And rock climbing!
Lucky Ellie had Daddy with her, she couldn't have convinced me to let her try it.

Yep, Miss Ellie was pleased as punch.

And she did awesome.

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