A little trip down south...

First Stop: Fort Smith

Arkansas River

More Driving...

Guilty pleasure reading (something I can easily put down, and then pick up again a few more hundered miles down the road).

Stopped to mine for some diamonds...

didn't find any. :P

Fordyce Bath House, in lovely Hot Spring, Arkansas!

The spring.

It was quite a interesting historical experience! If you're ever in the area, and have an hour or so to poke around in the museum (no admittance fee), I definitely recommend it!

Bathhouse Row

Hot springs is right, jacuzzi hot.

There's a quite pretty drive up into the hills, and a look out at the top with a beautiful view of the landscape.


  1. Wonderful photos! I need to add Fort Smith onto our homeschool trips list.

  2. Thanks! We had such beautiful weather the whole trip!

    Fort smith was interesting, and it's just a short walk to see Arkansas River. :)