Water War!

We took part in a water war this last weekend, with our friends, Joel, Lisa and family.

The warriors prepared for battle. Ellie went with the orc (white hand of Saruman) look.

Miss Libby said "I want to look just like Joel".

Susi too, she wanted somthing simple, and easy to wash off.

Blu, went with more shocking.

Sunrise, sunset.

Reporting from the front line.

For some reason, I found Moms the most unnerving.

Locked and loaded.

Since Blu and Joel each made a "flag", we decided they would also be the team leaders, and as soon as Joel stood up and said "Who wants to be on my team" All five of the youngest girls shouted "Me!". So much for family loyalty.

The battle commenced.

There seemed to be some holes in the proceedings, and which team won, had been unclear.
But, after we had all eaten and were relaxing with with cups of hot cocoa, Kaja was found, still out there guarding the flag. So, it was agreed that her team won.

They faught with such aggression, that most of the war paint washed off.

I made the mistake of wearing inadequate foot protection. I stepped on so many sharp little twigs and rocks, my feet were not feeling good.

Joel gave Ellie his feather, and helped her tie it in her hair.

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