Rolling Along

View from the south.

Welcome home.

Sweet as honey!

Some of the salvaged lumber.
And that black rectangle thing next to the door, is Abi's solar heater/cooker thing. I really don't know what it's supposed to do.

The goats now have access only to their little pasture, so after a good rain all those little black pellets should be gone from the yard for good!

Play Dough is a "single use" thing for us, the littlest ones are so intent on mixing all the colors together, that we end up with gray by the time they are done, and I just toss it out.

View from west side, second-story widow, to the south west.

Miss Vi put this "romper" thing on after Abi decided against keeping it. She came out and stated, "See, it fits".

The girls love "Where is Waldo" and "I Spy" books.

Quincy does this all day, so he can bark all night. :P

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